Jayson Witbooi

Jayson Witbooi

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Jayson Witbooi

 Jayson Frank Witbooi started to perform at a tender age of 8 years old, in a small town called Oudtshoorn in the Little Karoo. On High school at the age of 15 years old he discovered the passion of composition. Coming from a musical family from his mother and father’s side, his talent were brought to live in church and were moulded and shaped under the loving guidance and teaching of Danie and Elmin Bester. Professionalism and structure were the fruit of hard labour, desire and perseverance.  One of his greatest music manifestations, yet so unknown to many at that time, was music composition, which he was inspired to by Johan Sebastian Bach and in turn developed an in depth understanding of various instruments and theoretical philosophies. Jayson Witbooi’s first pupils draw benefit from this achievement. Apart from his talent and love for music, God allowed him the ability and capacity, to also share it with his community 

 The Demand where so great that he had to open a music school to give classes in all the instruments that he mastered over the years, for different age groups, religious groups according to the standards of Trinity college. And so the Georgie music school were born.

In  2007, with the support from his first pupils, parents and friends, the first music school concert were hosted. This was a dangerous, daring, and revealing but yet a beautiful time. The concert of 2007 was a highlight, as well a delight, never seen before in Oudtshoorn. Jayson Witbooi’s mother, Mrs. Sophia Witbooi, were his root and fountain of all the good that have come from this school, many a time giving of her own time, space and effort for the life and existence of the school.

 In 2008 the second concert were hosted after the success of the first concert. This was a concert on a grander scale with soloist, orchestra and choirs .The school grow from 15 pupils to 50 pupils in less than a year. Although 2008 had shown such growth, it were ironically the same year the school shut down due to many constraints and influencing factors. The school produced a number of profound novice musici from which a ensemble were formed which were called the Oudtshoorn ensemble. This group disintegrated because members emigrated.

Starting a new, undergoing many changes, a cabaret group were formed which composed, directed and performed in equal right under the leadership of Jayson Frank Witbooi.

Today, Jayson Witbooi has discovered through many years and experience in life, the freedom of performing solo. Allowing to spontaneously speak from the soul, by giving solo performances at local venues and occasions.